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Transport on Phi Phi Island

What transport is available on Phi Phi Island? Can I rent a scooter or a car? We answer all these questions for you. … Read More

Arriving on Phi Phi Island for the First Time

Arriving on Phi Phi Island for the first time can be a little daunting. What happens? Where do I go? Do I need to pay somebody? Am I going to get scammed? I just want to get to my accommodation! … Read More

Wildlife on Phi Phi

Seems a little strange I know but some people contact us worried about the wildlife on Phi Phi. It is a tropical island but it is harmless. We’ll explain some of the wildlife you may encounter on the island but … Read More

Nightlife on Phi Phi

Looking to enjoy the nightlife on Phi Phi Island but unsure of the best spots to go? Well you are in luck! This is what we aim to cover in this post. Phi Phi Island is renowned for it’s nightlife. … Read More