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We understand how hard it can be to get transport sorted in a foreign country. You just want peace of mind and everything simplified. We provide you with an e-ticket and simple instructions on how to make your ferry crossing simple and comfortable

Phuket to Phi Phi

Need a ferry ticket between Phuket and Phi Phi, click below. We offer ferry tickets from Phuket to Phi Phi and also from Phi Phi to Phuket. Crossing time is approximately 2 hours

Krabi to Phi Phi

Traveling from Krabi to Phi Phi or Phi Phi to Krabi then this is the place for you. Tickets can be bought between these destinations and crossing time is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes

Koh Lanta to Phi Phi

Travelling from Koh Lanta to Phi Phi or want to go to Koh Lanta from Phi Phi? No problem! This is a short trip and takes approximately 1 hour on the ferry

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