Nightlife on Phi Phi

Looking to enjoy the nightlife on Phi Phi Island but unsure of the best spots to go? Well you are in luck! This is what we aim to cover in this post. Phi Phi Island is renowned for it’s nightlife. It might not be as crazy as you find on Koh Phangan but you still have the opportunity to enjoy yourself pretty much every night of the year!

Where is the best place to go on Phi Phi?

Head to Loh Dalum Beach after dark and you will pretty much see what is going on along the beach. The nightlife tends to start from Slinky’s beach heading north. Most of these bars along the beach will have fire shows going on. Buy a bucket of alcohol or a beer and kick back and enjoy the crazy shenanigans of the local fire performers. Some of the things they do is simply nuts and must be seen to be believed, I will deliberately not provide a photo here!

What time should I go party?

It isn’t worth going too early! The parties tend to go on until the early hours so heading to Loh Dalum Beach for 10PM is a good indicator of when the fire shows start getting good and the alcohol starts to flow in earnest. 

Please remember to of course keep yourself safe and know your limits. It is a tropical island and whilst most people are there to have a good time, it is always worth keeping your wits about you just incase. We’d always recommend going with a friend and looking after each other. If you are scared of not having many friends also do not worry! 

Bars like Slinky operate games during the evening to get people drinking and interacting, these can be good fun if you are a little shy to get you to come out of your shell. If you are pro with skipping rope then you will have the opportunity to show off your talents. A limbo stick is also usually part of the entertainment. Each time you go through it, you can take a shot, a quick, easy and cheap way to get some drinks in if you are on a budget!

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