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Visit the best spots

This trip explores the oceans around Phi Phi after dark. Leaving at 6PM, the trip will start out by watching the glorious sunset and seeing the stars come out. We’ll take you to some great spots where bioluminescent plankton can be seen.

Seeing the plankton needs to be done in a dark spot. This is where the snorkeling is most effective. You need to be comfortable with being in the water in the dark for this. Our captains are excellent at knowing the best spots to go to. 

Swim in Paradise

Be out on the ocean after the crowds have gone. Have a really authentic experience like nobody else.

Enjoy the Sunset

The sunset over Phi Phi is spectacular and this trip will ensure you get to see it and enjoy it in a wonderful natural setting.

Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind

An evening swim is good for the heart and good for the mind. Enjoy the ocean in a serene way.

Visit the Best Spots

Our captains have a great knowledge of the best places to see the bioluminescent plankton. Get off the beaten path with us.

Trip Details

Meeting at 6PM, we'll leave the main tourist center of Phi Phi behind and quickly get out onto the open waters

The trip will depart from the tourist center of Phi Phi and head out onto the open waters. There will be opportunity for regular breaks and taking photos. We will visit a few different snorkeling spots which are in dark areas and known for good plankton viewing.

The trip will start with the sunset. You will then be able to star gaze into the night sky. Due to little light pollution, the sky is truly beautiful. We will also visit the snorkeling spots where plankton is worth viewing with the spectacular glow.

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