Thai Cooking Class

Food Included 4 Hours Shared Tour

Make Delicious Thai Food

Join a Thai cooking class where you can pick out three Thai dishes that you have always wanted to make and cook them with the assistance of the wonderful knowledgeable instructors.

We’ll also go through the spices and intricacies of Thai foods and spices so you can understand the foundations of Thai food and impress your friends and family in the future. 

Bring a Smile

We have everything else. Come with a positive attitude and willingness to learn and you are bound to have an awesome time.

Enjoy Something Different

Lots of people come to Thailand and stay on the backpacker trail. Do something different and learn a new skill on your travels.

Learn New Recipes

Everybody has a favorite Thai dish and being able to cook it where and when you want to is a massive bonus!

Dietary Restrictions? No Problem!

Like fish? Not eat fish? Vegetarian? Vegan? We can cater to all of your dietary restrictions to ensure you have a good time.

Trip Details

Cook in the morning or the afternoon and learn a variety of different dishes to make your tummy rumble.

Come and enjoy our well equipped kitchen where we will go over the basics of Thai food. We will look through some of the common dishes and give you the choice to pick out some that you would like to cook. We’ll go over spices and common ingredients in Thai cooking and then get down to the cooking business.

All the ingredients will be provided and we have all the utensils you need to be successful. Lots of our customers enjoy making Tom Yam, Papaya Salads and seafood dishes. Ultimately you are in control of what you want to make and we act as the enabler to ensure you are successful. 

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September 2020
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