Transport on Phi Phi Island

One of the main questions we get asked from people planning trips to Phi Phi Island is ‘How do we get around on the island?’ closely followed by ‘Do you know a shop where I can rent a scooter?’ Lots of people do not know these things about the island so we thought it would be a good idea to write this short post and let you know. Spoiler Alert: There are no vehicles on Phi Phi!

Walking is Best!

There are no vehicles on Phi Phi for tourist use. The police have some motorbikes so they can get about quickly. There are a few trucks which some resorts use for primarily internal use and assisting guests up steep hills but there are generally no roads on the island with traffic. This makes it the perfect place to explore on 2 feet.

Paths like the photo above are common on Phi Phi. A lot of the resorts will use carts like the one pictured to help guests with their luggage when they arrive at the pier. The lack of vehicles makes Phi Phi Island the perfect place to de-stress and enjoy a stroll. You can walk about the town area with ease, visiting different bars, restaurants and dive shops. You can do a more extreme hike to one of the many viewpoints on the island to get that instagram shot just don’t expect to rent a scooter on the island!

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