Wildlife on Phi Phi

Seems a little strange I know but some people contact us worried about the wildlife on Phi Phi. It is a tropical island but it is harmless. We’ll explain some of the wildlife you may encounter on the island but really, you won’t have anything to worry about!

Monkeys on Phi Phi

Monkeys are a pain in the… at the best of the times in other places in the world. I remember getting my bottle stolen by one in Nepal at a temple but that’s another story! The monkeys on Phi Phi tend to be in the jungle area. If you are not staying in the jungle part of the island, the chances of you seeing them are very slim. If you are staying in the jungle part of the island, you may still not see monkeys.

General precautions can prevent monkeys causing you a nuisance. Pretty much the same as you would do for basic security but keep windows shut and locked, don’t leave food openly outside and don’t leave things out that you don’t want to lose. The monkeys are pretty harmless and won’t cause you any issues if you don’t give them any reasons to.

Stray Cats and Dogs on Phi Phi

There are unfortunately a lot of cats and dogs roaming the streets during the night time. These are stray animals but often taken care of by the locals so they stay to their areas. They are relatively tame and will not be aggressive to you. Usually if you make a shooing motion towards them it will make them walk away from you, so if you are worried then do this.

Do still remember that there is rabies in Thailand and it can be a series of injections, expensive and time consuming to do all the procedural things to ensure your safety if you do get bitten. With this in mind, we’d advise not trying to pet the stray animals and to keep a distance. Whilst they are probably harmless, you should keep your safety as the number one priority.

Bugs on Phi Phi Island

Like most of Thailand, bugs exist on Phi Phi Island. You are probably more likely to see a cockroach on the island than you are a monkey. Walking through the town area late at night where a lot of the restaurants are means there is a lot of trash going out and the bugs come in. Cockroaches are apparently one of the cleanest animals but they still look gross! If you are freaked out by them, best thing is probably to have a few beers so your eyesight isn’t so great late at night!

Like cockroaches being everywhere in Thailand, so are ants. Please do not leave food out in your accommodation. Chances are if you do then you will have a swarm of ants on it before you know it. Unless you are wanting to share your room with an army of ants, practice a clean environment, put things in the fridge and don’t leave open containers about. They will find it and you will see more ants than you probably want to!

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